Daily Prayer for Peace of Dormitio for „Monday“


Dormition Abbey
Mount Sion
P.O.B. 22
91000 Jerusalem

tel +972-2-5655-330
fax +972-2-5655-332

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Dormition Abbey in pictures

Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem

Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion is the home monastery of our community. All monks, whatever their place of residence or work, make their profession to Dormition. Here the Abbot lives as the superior of the entire community in Jerusalem, Tabgha and Hildesheim. Here is also the novitiate, where the first monastic training and formation takes place. Here come together also the most important operations of our business office.

Community and Responsibilities

Community and Responsibilities: Mönche beim Chorgebet

The chief task of every Benedictine community is the praise of God.

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Traditions: Dormitio-Abtei auf dem Berg Zion

Mount Zion: Memories and hopes, ancient stories and visions are bound up with this hill – and leave their mark on our community.

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The Basilica of the Dormition

The Basilica of the Dormition: Dormitio-Basilika

The bell tower and lead-covered cupola of Dormition tower noticeably over Mount Zion and mark the skyline of the Old City of Jerusalem from various directions.

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