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Brüder und Gäste beim gemeinsamen Essen Brüder und Gäste beim gemeinsamen Essen

Our highest priority is to extend hospitality at the site where Jesus and his disciples came to rest, and where he fed the five thousand.
In the guest area we offer two different possibilities.

Individual Guests

Single or double rooms are available for individual guests who would like to join the community for a time or who would like to withdraw for a time of silence at the lake. Our guest master will be happy to answer your questions, including the possibility of spiritual guidance.


Groups and especially youth groups can be accommodated at our Meeting Place Beit Noah on a self-service basis.

The Pilgrim’s Guest House (Pilgerhaus Tabgha)

While the “Pilgerhaus Tabgha” does not belong to us, it is also located on the property of the German Association of the Holy Land, as is our monastery. The Pilgerhaus offers comfortable single and double rooms to individual and group travelers. The Pilgerhaus is located within a short walking distance from us, and their guests are welcome to attend our worship services.